Beyond Plastic Manufacturing

When you need complete plastic manufacturers, we are your unrivaled team. Rely on us from DFM to assembly.

Manufacturing services‚Äč

Taking you from concept to reality

Our full suite of services ensures your job is done right from start to finish.

Injection Molding

On-site experts staff our precision injection molding machines to ensure quality through real-time production. Various specs and capabilities are available to suit your unique design and engineering needs.

Rapid Prototyping

Wide CNC capabilities allow us to produce machined prototypes from different materials. Stratasys Dimension 3D printers produce functional FDM models using ABS plastic. We can produce prototype parts from a CAD STL file and deliver next day.

Tooling Services

We're more than plastic manufacturers. Our in-house tool shop includes several EDM machines and more, allowing for critical close tolerance work and highly specialized products. We avoid delays and guarantee quality by building new molds with SolidWorks CAD software and making revisions on-site.

Assembly Services

Automated processes and experienced specialists provide a host of finishing work: turning, tapping of threaded features, buffing, secondary machining, stamping, ultrasonic welding, barcoding, insertion, assembly, and more.

Start molding your vision today

Feel confident in your thermoplastic molding solutions by finding reliability through consistent communication, quality products, and accurate forecasting.

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